Pawtucket Pawnbrokers

The quickest, most efficient and convenient way of borrowing money with easy repayment plans!

Here at Pawtucket Pawn we have been a trusted money lending resource for over 30 years and are the Pawnbrokers of the 21st century. We hold ourselves to a higher standard,operating above established industry standards, with a new level of professionalism and expertise. All of our hard work is to help change the current perception of the pawn industry, thus making our customers feel more comfortable and personally catered to. We understand that everyday people endure hard times so our goal is to be flexible and live up to our slogan, because we are “The People’s Pawn Shop”.

Pawtucket Pawn offers short term collateral loans with easy repayment plans. We pride ourselves on working for our customers in their personal situations, and offer the lowest interest rates in the state! No credit check, loan application, or intrusive loan processes containing questioning or interrogation of extensive personal information necessary. Simply bring your item(s) , discuss repayment options with our professionals, and easily leave with $10 to $10,000 instantly! Our collateral loans can be used for anything of value including but not limited to jewelry, automobiles, electronics, tools, or musical instruments.

Looking for an honest and trustworthy financial service center look no further. Our check cashing, instant cash loans, payday advances, and collateral loans for anything of value serve to fulfill all of your needs, and you will receive the highest prices paid in the process! Pawtucket Pawn offers a safe, secure, and confidential location where our customers are always treated with respect. Our thirty year history speaks on our behalf and solidifies our claim as “The People’s Pawn Shop”.

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